Some of the returns that I have prepared over the last 20 years, some that I can't do, and some that I won't do.  yes, there are always reasons why...
1) I can do the following:  personal tax returns (Form 1040), fiduciaries/trust (Form 1041), partnerships (Form 1065), corporate tax returns (Forms 1120 and 1120-S), non-profit entities (Form 990), limited liability companies (State Form 568), and all of the schedules associated with those forms.

2) I am NOT an expert in international taxation - US tax law states that US residents are taxed on their world-wide income.  If you are looking for a way to exclude income earned outside the United State from your US tax return, please consult an expert in that field.  I am not.

3) The tax code has three common filing statuses - single, married filing jointly, and head of household (single with a dependent) - and two others that are relatively rare, qualifying widower and married filing separately (MFS).  The tax code also says that persons who are legally married may file as unmarried (single or HOH) if they maintain separate residences.

The worst filing status is married filing separately (MFS).  Many deductions and credits are disallowed.  CA is a community property state, which means that household income must be divided and distributed on the state return differently than the federal return.  I will NOT file a tax return with a status of married filing separately.  If you are legally married but living apart, I will file your taxes as single or HOH, whichever is better.

4) I will not file tax returns with different filing statuses on the federal and state tax returns.  If you want to file "single" on your federal return and "MFJ" on your state tax return, find someone else.  Unnecessarily complicated with few benefits (if any).

5) I will not file tax returns after July 31st.  Why?  Here are the reasons...You don't have to agree with all of them, but I think they make sense.

      (a) I pick up many volunteer committments - mainly coaching soccer - and don't have as much time to prepare tax returns after July.

      (b) I expect my clients to make getting their taxes somwwhat of a priority.  I am very happy to file extensions and move work from the busiest season (March and April) to May, June and July.  But if you need more than 7 months to get your information together, I am not the preparer for you

      (c) Putting off anything until the last minute is ALWAYS a bad idea.  Things are rushed, items are missed.  I choose not to work under those conditions.  If last-minute is your style, I am not the preparer for you.