Refund Status Page - Tax Year 2020

(Calendar Year 2021)



Before You get Online / Call - You may be asked to furnish your SSN, filing status (single, HOH, MFJ), address, zip code, and refund amount.  Easiest thing to do here - have a copy of your tax return in front of you before you start


Current Year Federal Refund - Status is available 3 weeks after paper return is filed by mail or 24 hours after return is filed electronically. Click here to continue.  Or call (800) 829-1954 for automated refund status.  If there are issues with you refund, call (800) 829-0582, then enter extension 652 to talk to a human.


Other Contact Info - The following numbers seem to work if you are responding to IRS correspondence

Tax returns with W-2 Income (800) 829-0922     Tax Returns with S/E Business  Income (800) 829-8374


Amended Federal Return - If you needed to file a form 1040-X amended tax return (change a return after it was filed), this is where to go. Status is available 4 weeks after the amended return was mailed. Click here to continue. There is now a dedicated phone number for amended returns, it's (866) 464-2050.


Current Year State Refund - Status is available 10 days after paper return is filed or 3 days after return is filed electronically. Click here to continue...or call (800) 852-5711, then respond to the prompts with "1", "6", and "2" to talk to a human.


Want to know if you owe a debt that may affect your federal tax refund? - Then call the Refund Offset Hotline at (800) 304-3107. Press "1", "1", and then your SSN. This will provide the information you need.


The above links and times are provided by the Internal Revenue Service and the Franchise Tax Board. After I have e-filed or mailed a tax return, I have NO control over how quickly the IRS or FTB processes it. If you cannot get your refund status using the above links, you MUST contact them directly before I can do anything. Call them first and find out the reason your refund is delayed (no record of return, wrong bank account information, delinquent student loans or child support, etc...) and then I can (probably) tell you what we should do. I will not be able to help you unless I know the reason for the delay - and there is certain information that the IRS and FTB will only disclose only to the taxpayer and not the tax preparer. I cannot do anything about refunds being garnished for other debts - you need to resolve those situations with the agency collecting the debt.