What Will It Cost To Prepare My Taxes?



     When compared to such national chains as H&R Block, we charge 40-65% less than the competition. Here are some of the reasons why...


(1) We are an efficient home-based tax preparation service. We don't have to rent office space and don't have to pass that cost on to you.


(2) I have zero advertising expenses. All of our business is repeat customers or referrals. Another expense you are not paying for.


(3) Your fees do not support the "lifestyles of the rich and famous". The owner's main transportation is a bicycle - a very nice titanium Lynskey, but still - just a bike. No $75,000 SUV's in the driveway here.


    Our rates for tax preparation are based on the quantity and type of forms that are necessary to complete your tax return. Below you will find a table which summarizes many of the rates we charge for the most frequently used forms.  The rates listed are for mail-in refund-check returns.  Electronic filing with direct deposit will add $10 to the cost shown.  All of the rates shown below include the federal tax return, state tax return for one state, client copies, and mailing envelopes with correct postage already affixed. If you require a multi-state tax return, additional states are $30 extra (each state). Below are the charges that apply to our most commonly prepared forms. If your tax return requires forms not listed below, we will tell you in advance what forms are necessary and what charges will apply to those forms. If you're unhappy with your bill, you are free to walk away and take your tax documents elsewhere - you don't pay for services rendered until we both sign the return.  Yes, I am that confident that my rates are among the most competitive available.


     Below are some common combinations of tax forms and the charges for each.  All prices include such items as the new 2020Recovery Rebate (A.K.A. Stimulus Payment) Form - forms and worksheets that are necessary for ALL returns but are not listed below.


1) Taxpayer(s), one W-2, nothing else.


2) Taxpayer(s), three W-2's, renter's credit


3) Taxpayer(s), two W-2's, college expenses (form 8863)


4) Taxpayer(s), two kids (CTC), one W-2, earned income credit (EIC),

child care expenses (2441), head of household (HOH), child tax credit (CTC)


5) Taxpayer(s), W-2(2), long form (itemized deductions, Schedule "A")


6) Taxpayer(s), W-2(2), long form ("A"), home business or self-employment (Schedule"C")


7) Taxpayer(s), W-2(2), long form ("A"), two rental properties (Schedule "E")





Real-Life Price Comparisons From New Customers                H&R Block      Me


Gerald G - 1040, W-2, A, B, C, D, CTC, 8949, EF                      $ 563           $ 185

$  60


$  85


$  80


$ 105



$ 110



$ 140



$ 170

And Here are our Rates for Every Form

Full Rate Table Last Updated 01-20-2021

1040 Basic Return$ 60One W-2, Nothing Else, Mail-In
"Taxes By Mail"$    5We conduct a telephone interview, I mail your completed tax return to you, you sign and mail back to me.  All envelopes and postage included
Electronic Filing$ 10Includes all refund options (direct deposit, etc)
"Fee Collect"$ 253rd-Party will deduct my fees from your refund.  I get paid when you get paid.  They get the $25
2441 Child Care Credit$ 15 
Federal Earned Income Credit$ 20$10 if Qualifying without Dependents
State Earned Income Credit$ 20Requires Income Under $30K and Dependents
8863 Education Credit$ 15Credit for College Expenses
Schedule "A" Itemized Deductions$ 45 
Schedule "B" Interest income$   5Included two 1099-Int Forms, $5/Pair Add'l
Schedule "C" Self-Employment$ 30Includes Schedule "SE"
Schedule "D" Capital Gains$ 15Primary Form for Stock Sales
Sale of Primary Residence$ 10 
Schedule "E" Rental Property$ 30Per Property - Multi-Unit Counts as One
Form W-2 Wages and Earnings$ 10 
Form W-2G Gambling Winnings$   5 
Form 1099-G $   5Unemployment or Paid Family Leave
Form 1099-R or 1099-SSA$   5Retirement Income Forms
Form 982 Exclusion of Canceled Debt$ 25 
Form 1099-C$   5Canceled Debt Treated as Income
Form 1310$ 15Claiming Refund of Deceased Taxpayer
Form 3903 Moving Expenses$ 15Currently Limited to Active Duty Military
Form 4137$ 10Payroll Tax on Unreported Tip Income
Form 4797$ 30Sale of Business (Rental) Property
Form 5329$ 10Exclusion of Penalties on Retirement Income
Form 5405$ 10Repayment of $15,000 Home Loan (2008)
Form 5695$ 20Energy Credit (Insulation, Solar, Etc)
Form 6251$   5AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax)
Form 6252$ 15Installment Sale Income
Form 8283$ 15Non-Cash Charity Donation Exceeding $500
Form 8396$ 15Mortgage Credit Certificate
Form 8880$ 10Retirement Contribution Credit
Form 8917 $ 10Tuition and Fees Deduction
Form 8936$ 20Electric Vehicle Credit
Form 8949 $   5Sale of Stock Reporting Form
Forms 8959/8960$ 10Obamacare Tax on Investment Income
Form 8962$ 20Obamacare Medical Form
Form 8995$   5Deduction for Small Businesses
Form W-7$ 20ITIN Application
CTC (Child Tax Credit)$   5 
Estimated Taxes Paid$   5Record Estimated Tax Payments
Federal 1040-ES$ 10Estimated Tax Coupons for Following Year
State 540-ES$ 10Estimated Tax Coupons for Following Year
Educator Expenses$   5Above-The-Line Deduction
Self-Employed Health Deduction$   5 
Form K-1$   5Partner's Share of Income
Form 1098-E$   5Student Loan Interest - As Many as Needed
Renter's Credit$   5 
Head of Household Audit Form$ 10Required by CA for HOH Filing Status