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If you are looking for a low-cost, low-effort place to get your income taxes prepared, we believe you have come to the right place. I have prepared over fifteen thousand tax returns during the last 25 years - personal, fiduciary, partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, etc. - if it exist, I have probably done it.  You can get your taxes done in person OR via mail. I will conduct a thorough telephone interview and mail your completed returns for signature. An office visit is NOT required.


So - (1) Take a few minutes to browse through the web site to see how I work and make sure that my style of tax preparation is a good fit for your needs.  Call if you still have questions not answered on the site.  (2) Complete the worksheets that apply to you, and then (3) scan, e-mail, fax, or drop off your tax papers and completed worksheets. (4) Give me a day to do the preliminary work on your return, and then (5) I will call you and schedule an appointment (in person or via phone) to ask my questions, answer your questions, and thoroughly discuss all aspects of your return before finalizing it.  Getting your information before our appointment lets me spot any missing items or potential issues before we meet. Typical time from you sending me your tax papers to signing a completed return is 48 hours.


My rates are usually less than half of the typical "big-name" tax preparation franchises (I don't have to pay for advertising, franchise fees or office space), you will get the same or better results, and you won't spend hours waiting to get your taxes done.  And because you send me you papers in advance and I do 90% of the work before you get here, most appointments are less than 20 minutes. This is the best way I have found to prepare income taxes in my 25 years of experience. Happy surfing!