Below is a list of worksheets that are VERY IMPORTANT to the process of completing your tax return. Each one is listed in two formats - PDF and JPG. The PDF's are the easiest to use but JPG's are there if you want them. Read the description of each worksheet first. If it applies to you complete it and then send it to me (via fax, mail, or e-mail) - along with your tax documents (W-2's, 1098's, 1099's, etc).


The PDF's are fill-in forms. Do NOT open them in your web browser and try to fill them in, that won't work. (1) Download the form to your device and save it (on my computer it's a right click and "save link as".  Now the form is on your computer. (2) Now open it and type in the information required. (3) Save the form again after you've entered your info.  Now the completed form is on your computer. (4) Email the completed form back to me. Done! P.S. If you open the forms directly in your web browser without downloading them first they will not support direct data entry.


Do NOT send me receipts or statements for anything - EVER. No charity receipts, no child care statements - just my worksheets and your tax forms. Between those and the interview process I will have all of the information I need. I do not need a dozen extra pieces of paper that duplicate numbers I already have. Let's kill as few trees as possible.


My job as a tax preparer is to prepare a complete and accurate return based on information you furnish me. I am not here to audit you. If I see something unusual on your return that I think might lead to an audit, I will discuss it with you before we finalize your tax return.


So here they are. Please read the instructions and fill out these forms as completely as possible. Use whole dollar amounts rounded to the nearest $5 (for example - $65, not $63.47). Do not end too many in "00" (for example - $1200) - it will look estimated and fake. Always use annual amounts, do not put down "$40 / month". I have no idea how many months you had that expense for. And the answer is always a number, never the phrase "the same as last year". Using identical numbers year-to-year is another audit risk. Don't do it.


1 - New Client Worksheet - If I did not prepare your return last year, complete one of these.

PDF (1 Page) JPG (1 Page)


2 - New Business Worksheet - If you started a new LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, Partnership, or Trust, Complete this form.   Also - certain elements of these entities need to be set up when the corporation is established.  Send this worksheet as soon as you establish the corporation.  Do NOT wait until the end of the year.

PDF (1 Page) JPG Page 1


3 - Annual Client Worksheet - Everyone needs to do this one. Everyone needs to do pages 1 and 2. If you itemize do page 3 as well.

PDF (3 Pages) JPG Page 1 JPG Page 2 JPG Page 3


4 - Uber / Lyft / Doordash (etc) Driver - A 1-page simplified worksheet for those engaged in driving for hire. Skip the Self-Employment Income (item 4 below) and use this one instead.

PDF (1 Page) JPG Page 1


5 - Self-Employment Income - If you own and operate a Sole Proprietorship (the simplest, most common kind of business) you will need to complete this form. If you received a form 1099-NEC or 1099-K the IRS considers you to be self- employed (even if you don't)! Use this form to list your income and expenses.

PDF (3 Pages) JPG Page 1 JPG Page 2 JPG Page 3


6 - Partnership, Corporation or LLC - If you own and operate one of these business types, complete this form.

PDF (3 Pages) JPG Page 1 JPG Page 2 JPG Page 3


7 - Vehicle Expense Worksheet - This is already part pf the income / expense statements listed above (5 and 6), if you need additional stand-alone copies use this - PDF (Page 1)  JPG (Page 1)


8 - Home Office - Use this form if you were self-employed (as described above) and used part of your home for business. This applies ONLY to Sole Proprietorships (Schedule "C" Filers), NOT Partnerships or Corporations.

PDF (1 Page) JPG Page 1


9 - Rental Property Income - If you owned rental property, complete one form for each rental property you owned. Multiple-Unit properties (for example, a triplex) count as one rental property. If you utilize a property manager do not give me their statement. My forms conform to the actual tax return so I need the information in my format.

PDF (2 Pages) JPG Page 1 JPG Page 2