What services are included when I get

my taxes prepared at SSTAR Services?

In a word - everything possible.  While we do ask that you send us your tax paperwork ahead of time (before we meet), we ant you to leave with a completed tax return that requires no further action on your part.  We believe that we should do as much work as possible and you as little as possible. That's why you hired us in the first place, right? In accordance with that belief, here is what you can expect ...

We will assemble a complete, accurate tax return based on the information you provide to us. If we feel that anything is missing, or have reason to believe you may be entitled to a tax benefit for which we did not receive any documentation, we will contact you and make you aware of your options. We will be as pro-active as possible. When you walk out of here, we want you to have nothing else you to need to do.

Your professionally assembled completed tax return will include...

1) A presentation folder that organizes your source documents and tax return copies for your records in one place. Everything you furnished us (original documents) is returned to you in the left side of the folder.


2) Copies of both your federal and state tax returns with a cover letter detailing expected refunds and/or amounts owed and dates for any estimated tax payments you may need to make in the year ahead.


3) If you owe, pre-addressed envelopes WITH stamps and payment coupons to make it simple to send a payment.


4) If you need to make estimated payments, pre-addressed envelopes and payment coupons for those as well.


5) My recommendations for any changes you should make for the next tax year.


6) All of your tax questions answered prior to leaving your appointment.


7) Access to PDF copies of any past-year tax returns upon request, should you ever need them.

If there is any way we can provide you with better service, please let us know, and we will give our best effort towards implementing any practical ideas!














(no promises on the not-so-practical...)