What Will It Cost To Prepare My Taxes?

When compared to such national chains as H&R Block, we charge 40-65% less than the competition.  Here are some of the reasons why...

(1) We are an efficient home-based tax preparation service.  We don't have to rent office space and don't have to pass that cost on to you.

(2) I have zero advertising expenses.  All of our business is repeat customers or referrals.  Another expense you are not paying for.

(3) Your fees do not support the "lifestyles of the rich and famous".  The owner's main transportation is a bicycle - a very nice Litespeed Blue Ridge, but still - just a bike.  No $75,000 SUV's in the driveway here.

Our rates for tax preparation are based on the quantity and type of forms that are necessary to complete your tax return.  Below you will find a table which summarizes many of  the rates we charge for the most frequently used forms.

All of the rates on the following link include the federal tax return, state tax return for one state, client copies, and mailing envelopes with correct postage already affixed.  If you require a multi-state tax return, additional states are $30 extra (each state).  Below are the charges that apply to our most commonly prepared forms.  If your tax return requires forms not listed below, we will tell you in advance what forms are necessary and what charges will apply to those forms.
  If you're unhappy with your bill, you are free to walk away and take yor tax documents elsewhere - you don't pay for services rendered until we both sign the return.

Below are some real-life examples of common combinations of tax forms.  Electronic filing with direct deposit would add $10 to the rates listed below.
1) Taxpayer(s), one W-2, nothing else,,,

2) Taxpayer(s), three W-2's, renter's credit

3) Taxpayer, two W-2's, college expenses (form 8863)

3) Taxpayer, two kids, earned income credit (EIC), child care expenses (2441),
head of household (HOH), child tax credit (CTC)

4) Taxpayer(s), W-2(2), long form (itemized deductions, Schedule "A")

5) Taxpayer(s), W-2(2), long form ("A"), home business or self-employment (Schedule"C")

6) Taxpayer(s), W-2(2), long form ("A"), two rental properties (Schedule "E")

7) Taxpayer(s), W-2(2), long form ("A"), short sale of home or foreclosure  (Schedule "D"), exclusion of cancelled debt from income (Form 982)
  $  55

  $  80

  $  85