1) Getting (Additional) Copies of Tax Returns - By law, request for tax returns must be made in writing.  So - Send an e-mail to me (stacyspink@sbcglobal.net). Subject line - Tax Return Copy. In the body, list your name, tax years needed, and last 4 of your SSN to confirm identity. I will get it done the same day.


2) The IRS or FTB say they never got my return - It can take the IRS or FTB 48-72 hours to ackowledge returns that are e-filed and up to four weeks to acknowledge tax returns received in the mail. So make sure it's been that long. The only way I know to deal with this situation is to send them another copy.  Once the expected time limit has been exceeded let me know and we'll get it done.


3) The FTB is Auditing my Tax Return (Head of Household Audit) - No, they are NOT auditing you. That is how they title this letter to make you nervous and (they hope) fill out the form incorrectly. Then they can deny your HOH status and assess you additional tax (BTW almost EVERYONE who files HOH gets this notice - including me).  Solution One - enter the same information on this form as is on your tax return. Make sure it matches exactly.  Always state the relationship on the form and always state that they lived with you for 365 days. Solution Two - Send me the form and $10. I will complete it, file the original, send you a copy, and keep a copy on file in my office.


4) I got a letter from the IRS or FTB - First thing to do - send me a copy of the letter. Fax, E-Mail, or Drop Off. There is no point in calling me because I can't tell you any thing until I see the correspondence. The usual reason for this (90% of the time) is the IRS or FTB received information what was NOT included on the return we filed (part-time job you forgot about, stock sales we did not report, etc). The usual solution is to amend the tax return to include the omitted information.