What services are included when I get my taxes prepared at SSTAR Services?
IIn a word - everything.  If you walk in with just your W-2's, we want you to leave with a completed return that does not require any further action on your part.  We believe that we should do as much work as possible and you as little as possible.  That's why you hired us in the first place, right?  In accordance with that belief, here is what you can expect:
We will assemble a complete, accurate tax return based on the information you provide to us.  If we feel that anything is missing, or have reason to believe you may be entitled to a tax benefit for which we did not receive any documentation, we will contact you and make you aware of your options. We will be as pro-active as possible.
(d) All of your original documentation on the left side of the folder.
e) A business card with all of our contact information so you can always reach us if you need to
f) We will also mail (at no extra charge) your completed tax returns if you do not e-file.
If there is any way we can provide you with better service, please let us know, and we will give our best effort towards implementing any practical ideas!

(no promises on the not-so-practical...)

You Will Get A Professionally Assembled Package That Includes The Following:
a) A presentation folder that organizes your source documents, original tax returns, and tax return copies for your records in one place.
(b) Copies of both your federal and state tax returns, with an instruction letter (refunds and/or payments) on the right side of the folder
(c) Original tax returns with all documents properly attached (needing only your signature) if you prefer to mail your tax return (instead of filing the return electronically).